Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kitten Vixen - The Best Vegan Lipgloss Straight From London

Maybe I’m missing something, but I never got the obsession with the French so called beauties and the "French style"… I personally don't like Chanel and prefer the clean bohemian effortless look over the tobacco scented avatgarde.                        
British girls…, well that’s a different story. Kate Moss or Sienna Miller are unbeatable when it comes to being effortlessly cool. Also, maybe I’m bias, because I grew up reading “The Face” magazine and Vivienne Westwood signed my paycheck at one point. Somehow those London vixens never try too hard, they are just simply cool with a hint of bohemian and R’N'R’ edge. When it comes to organic/vegan beauty products, no surprise Britain wins over France.

I always thought it was impossible to find a vegan lip gloss with great color and texture. Most of the products I found were too thick or the colors were bright red or too pink, simply "unrealistic". I kept using MAC and YSL lip glosses, while I'm always on the hunt for an organic or vegan alternative.
Kitten Vixen hails straight from London Town. This amazing vegan, natural lip gloss is addictive. The brand currently only offers 3 flattering shades, peach provocateur, ravishing ruby and tickled pink. The moisture-rich formula leaves lips soft and glossy with a stunning hint of color and organic flavoring. Can be worn alone for a natural Kittenish look, or applied on top of Kitten Vixen's lip colors for a more polished finish.                                                                                                               
Buy them all, you will never find a sexier, glossier vegan lip product.

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