Monday, November 14, 2011

The Most Underrated And Most Important Vitamin - Vitamin D3

As a child growing up I thought I had a serious problem. As much I loved Siouxie and the Banshees and wore black I was never the depressed "dark" type. However, as soon as the late fall, early winter months started to approach I became lethargic, sleepy, sluggish, irritable, moody and my skin turned gray. Recently after moving back from LA to NYC as a true sun worshipper, I finally shed some light on the situation and I successfully diagnosed myself with SAD, seasonal affective disorder.
If you get depressed during the winter but feel much better springtime and during the summer, you may have SAD. Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD, is a situational mood disorder brought on by decreasing daylight in the winter months. High doses of vitamin D3 during these months have proven to be a very effective natural remedy for SAD.

The most underrated and the most important vitamin to take may well be vitamin D - vitamin D3 in particular. Technically, vitamin D is a hormone, but we call it a vitamin. Vitamin D is generated by our bodies when the sun's UVB rays hit our skin. 

After years of denying the health benefits of sunlight, conventional researchers are finally starting to recognize the important role that ultraviolet light plays in human health. Sunshine is the most natural way to get vitamin D. The vitamin D you get this way is easily used by your body, it is free, and you can combine it with exercise for a great bone building combo. For caucasian women who live where there is strong sunlight, about 15 to 20 minutes three times a week will usually produce enough vitamin D to keep you from being deficient. For some people, sunshine is difficult to come by. If you wear clothing that covers all of your skin, if you live in a northern or rainy climate, or if you are dark-skinned, you may have trouble getting enough sunshine to make adequate levels of vitamin D. 
Getting sunlight as research now shows, is extremely important for preventing and even reversing chronic diseases. I'm talking about prostate cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, mental depression, osteoporosis and even, to some extent, type 2 diabetes.

Vitamin D is also necessary for good bone health. It helps the body absorb calcium which we know is also good for bone health. Extreme deficiency in vitamin D can cause rickets which is the softening of the bones.
Vitamin D protects against cancer and increases immune functions. If you don't have enough vitamin D, you have increased inflammation and have a negative impact on cardiovascular health.
Vitamin D can be your good friend in menopause. Finding healthy ways to get enough may help you stay strong and prevent many age-related health problems. 

Some studies have shown that adults need 3000–5000 IU per day, and others indicate healthy adults can readily metabolize up to 10,000 IU vitamin D per day without harmful side effects. The European Union’s Scientific Committee on Food lists 2000 IU per day as the safety cut-off, as does the US Food and Nutrition Board. 

You should be aware that if you choose to take an oral Vitamin D supplement there are basically two types: one is natural and one is synthetic. The natural one is Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), which is the same Vitamin D your body makes when exposed to sunshine. The synthetic one is Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol). Vitamin D3 is converted 500% faster than Vitamin D2, and is clearly a better alternative.

It may turn out that vitamin D3 is the key everyone’s been looking for, or more likely an important part of a far greater whole-health picture.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nature's Best Skinfood - OSEA Malibu's Algae Based Skincare Line

I consume so much algae in different forms, I'm not surprised my new favorite natural/vegan skin care line is made out of seaweed... I randomly and impulsively purchased OSEA Malibu's Ocean Cleanser, probably because Malibu and the Ocean was mentioned in their online ad. I figured, worst case scenario, if the product doesn't do wonders, the seaweed would most likely stimulate and improve my blood and lymph circulation. 
I could not believe the difference this cleanser made within a few days. It completely changed, revitalized and firmed my skin. You know a skin care line works when you get the "Did you get anything done?" question.

After soaking in a restorative algae bath in Argentina, the vegan 100% natural luxury beauty line OSEA founder Jenefer Palmer was inspired to learn more about the healing properties of seaweed. Her exhaustive search led her to the Sea of Patagonia where she discovered the Gigartina species, an algae known for its astoundingly high content of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. This is the purest, cleanest type of seaweed available and OSEA works with a local partner to ensure eco-responsible hand-harvesting for their products.

The OSEA products are 100% free of synthetic fragrances, genetically modified ingredients, petrochemicals, parabens and sulfates. The skincare line is certified vegan and biodegradable
OSEA's unique blend of sea nutrients and essential oils provide an active and effective formula for well being, employing the power of the sea and its plant life to condition and balance your skin for a lifetime of results you can see. 

Marine algae, more commonly known as seaweeds, come in all shapes and sizes. Algae are not plants, even though they sometimes look like them. Ocean-growing algae, commonly known as sea vegetables, could be one of the most important new therapeutic foods. Sea vegetables contain ten to twenty times the minerals of land plants, as well as an abundance of vitamins and other elements necessary for proper metabolism.  They have been sought for thousands of years for their ability to prolong life, prevent disease, and enhance life.
Gigartina is a strain of Red Marine Algae that is particularly well suited for skin ailments because of its high content of sulfated polysaccharides and carrageenan.

Now you can experience the amazing restorative powers of Gigartina without having to travel too far. The Ocean Cleanser, Vitamin Sea Serum, Essential Hydrating Oil, Sea Mineral Spray and the Advanced Protection Cream proved that there is always a BBD (Bigger Better Deal) out there when it comes to vegan/eco skincare.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Every Big City Has A Best Kept Medicinal Secret - It's Called Chinatown

You either love it or hate it, sure it's crowded, smelly, seems way too colorful and out of place. You might venture down there for the authentic tasty food and to get a glimpse of the vibrant visuals of the Chinese New Year. Most of the times you don't even interact with the people except when you place an order at your favorite dim sum joint.

I simply worship the Chinese... I'm a big believer of Oriental medicine, acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, reflexology and Chinese herbs. Simply put, How Can A 3,000 year Old Medicine Be Wrong?!

Sure, I love to visit my primary care doctor in Soho, run into familiar faces, feeling like a million bucks, sitting under the Basquiat paintings in the waiting room, but a after a week of no real improvement, weakness and side effects from the medications, I always end up in Chinatown, at my 80 year old Chinese doctor Ng Lei Ying's small hole in a wall back room covered in needles. Acupuncture and Dr. Lei always saves my a**.

The Chinese look at the physical, emotional and spiritual make-up of the body as a "Mini-Universe". All things work together and in unison. No one part/element is treated solo. Acupuncture is one of the oldest medical treatments dating back to China, 3,500 years ago. The practice, then and now, involves the gentle placement of hair-thin sterile needles in varying lengths into specific areas of the body. It is believed that these needles tap into the body’s force of energy called chi. Each is placed along one of the body’s 12 pathways, called meridians, through which energy flows. Each of these meridians is connected to a specific organ in the body. In a state of illness, it is believed that one or more pathways is blocked, disrupting the flow of energy. Acupuncture is used to stimulate or open the flow of energy. 

Sometimes I combine Acupuncture with cupping. Which makes me look like a domestic abuse victim, but worth the bruises.
Cupping has been practiced for thousands of years for the treatment of disease and pain. Cupping is believed to stimulate flow of blood, lymph and Qi to the affected area. Its uses include relieving pain in the muscles, especially back pain from stiffness or injury, and clearing congestion in the chest, which can occur with colds and flu. 

Chinese Medicine can cure anything from depression to infertility. It helped me to recover from insomnia, weakness, stress, allergies, constipation, menstrual irregularities, broken limbs, sinus infections, rashes, hives and the flu.
Chinese herbs have been used for centuries. Among the earliest literature are lists of prescriptions for specific ailments, exemplified by the manuscript "Recipes for 52 Ailments", found in the Mawangdui  tombs which were sealed in 168 BC. There are roughly 13,000 medicinals used in China and over 100,000 medicinal recipes recorded in the ancient literature. Plant elements and extracts are by far the most common elements used. The herbs taste awful
but, they really work. 
If I just need a quick pick me up or a real massage I go for Acupressure and Reflexology which is a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique based on the same ideas as acupuncture. Acupressure involves placing physical pressure by fingers, hand, elbow, or with the aid of various devices on different acupuncture points on the surface of the body. 

Don't get me wrong I still love the luxurious relaxing environment of a real spa; Bliss is still on my speed dial..., but every time I leave the massage room I feel unsatisfied. You don't go to Chinatown for the design, atmosphere or the scene, you go for real healing and lasting health results.

My Chinatown visits are the best pick me ups lasting for weeks and costing less than $50 bucks. On my way home finding the freshest lychee on the street corner and buying the best quality medicinal mushrooms make this experience priceless.

Acupunture, Cupping, Herbs: Ng Lei Ying, 115 Mott Street, NYC, NY 10013 
Acupressure, Reflexology: 23 Pell/2nd Floor, NYC, NY 10013


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The New Miracle Vitamin - Lipo-Spheric Vitamin C

I like to be the first one to discover new health food products, vitamins, superfoods and supplements. I'm all about hunting, discovering and testing; I usually consider products "old news" by the time Whole Foods picks them up. 
Lipo Spheric Vitamin C is just like a good NYC speakesy, still the best kept secret among health enthusiasts. 

Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective nutrients. Benefits of Vitamin C includes protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems and eye disease. It helps the body make collagen, an important protein used to make skin, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels. Vitamin C is essential for healing wounds, and for repairing and maintaining bones and teeth.
At the same time Vitamin C is a tricky one, because the problem with taking it orally, most of the vitamin does not get absorbed at high dosages. So if 10 grams of Vitamin C is taken only approximately 1 gram or so is absorbed. 

The Lipo-Spheric Vitamin C is different from other Vitamin C supplements, because it's packed in these tiny spheres.
I recently discovered this super vitamin, which instantly gave a huge boost to my immune system. Since then, my allergies, colds and overall health has improved dramatically.

The positive health implications of liposome-encapsulated nutrient delivery are astounding. Though the technology has been around for decades, most people know little or nothing about it.
Lypo-Spheric products are 100% bioavailable because the lipsomes we use are made from Essential Phospholipids. The Essential Phospholipids can not be destroyed by any part of your digestive system. This is because Phospholipids are a fatty compound that forms the membranes that coat every cell in your body.
Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET ) allows the lipsomes that contain the Vitamin C to quickly navigate through the digestive system without being destroyed by the gastric juices. LET also allows the liposomes to effortlessly slip through the intestinal walls and transport the Vitamin C directly to the bloodstream. 

This product could easily replace Intravenous Vitamin C for much lower costs. You don't need to go to the doctor anymore for intravenous Vitamin C, you can just take Lipo-Spheric Vitamin C and call it a day.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Amazing Healing Powers Of Sedona

I know I'm totally late to the game, but I'm completely taken away by the beauty and the intense spiritual energy of Sedona. My first recent Sedona trip turned out to be a life changing spiritual healing experience, accompanied by a major unexpected energy shift. 
There are various descriptions of Sedona, Arizona, each one speaking of her unparalleled beauty, mystical red rocks, magical appeal and vortex energies. The sense of peace and serenity, the enhancement of psychic abilities, the like-minded people, and the sheer beauty of the surrounding countryside are some of the reasons people respond to the pull of this magical city. 

As much as I'm a highly spiritual being, I've been always skeptical about intense over exaggerated spiritual shifts and "overnight" healing. All that over the top stuff always sounded cultish meets born again meets brainwashed... so far from what I've been searching for. 
I came to Sedona indecisive, angry with a broken heart and no motivation. To my own surprise my healing took less than 10 minutes, on the top of one of the most effective energy vortexes. As soon as I hiked up to the top of the Airport Vortex the magical vibrating energy literally transformed me from rock bottom to the top of the World. I still carry that high vibration with me up until this day.

Vortex sites are enhanced energy locations that facilitate prayer, meditation, mind/body healing, and exploring your relationship with your Soul and the divine. The explanation for vortexes lies more at the boundaries of known science, rather than in electromagnetic descriptions or gender related labels. Juniper trees respond to the vortex energy in a physical way that reveals where this energy is strongest. The stronger the energy, the more of an axial twist the Juniper trees have in their branches. The energy from these vortexes saturates the whole area in and around Sedona, and can be noticed in a subtle but general way anywhere around town.

Sedona's world-wide reputation as a spiritual mecca has drawn some of our planet's most amazing healers, intuitives, artists, spiritual guides, massage therapists, energy and body workers, reiki masters, light workers, shamans, mediums, clairvoyants and channelers.

If you decide to visit this fascinating spiritual Disneyland, go hike up to the 4 famous vortex sites, the Cathedral Rock, the Airport Vortex, Boynton Canyon and the Bell Rock. Catch a ride with the "Going My Way" shuttle/aka Sanna the reiki cab driver. Have some insanely good vegan/raw food at the Chocolate Tree. Make dinner reservations at the best Mexican restaurant, Elote Cafe. Have your chakra cleaned or get married by Rev. Rose Shaw. Take home some delicious olive oil and balsamic vinegar from the Sedona Olive Oil Company. Get a massage at the New Spa and sign up for a UFO tour at the Ye Olde Ufo Store. 

Chocola Tree:
Elote Cafe:
Rev. Rose Shaw:
Sedona Olive Oil Company# 928 282-1887
New Day Spa:
UFO Tour:


Saturday, June 18, 2011

VEGA - The Tastiest Natural Plant Based Protein Powder

I'm proud to have a new eating disorder called "Orthorexia".  
Orthorexics apparently eliminate processed foods, anything with artificial colorings or flavorings as well as foods that have come into contact with pesticides. Beyond that, orthorexics may also shun caffeine, alcohol, sugar, salt, wheat and dairy foods. Some limit themselves to raw foods. 

No, this is not a joke... Identified in 1997 by Colorado physician Steven Bratman, MD, orthorexia is Latin for “correct eating.” Sufferers increasingly restrict their diets to foods they consider pure, natural and healthful. Some researchers say that orthorexia may combine a touch of obsessive compulsive disorder with anxiety and warn that severely limited “healthy” diets may be a stepping stone to anorexia nervosa, the most severe eating disorder. 
YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME... I would love to see a photo of Mr. Bratman and take a look at his blood work. 

On the top of being the "correct eater", as a vegan I get the plaid out protein related question every day. In the past trying to drop names like beans, grains, nuts and seeds seemed too confusing and did not convince the suspicious carnivores. Sadly many people still believe that protein is only available from meat and animal sources and we will all fall over dead without animal protein. Unless you're pregnant or an Olympic bodybuilder, you will likely get more than enough protein without even trying. 
Discovering VEGA whole food health optimizer by Sequel Naturals, gave me the solution to shut them down with a one word answer... 

Formulated by Brendan Brazier, vegan, professional Ironman triathlete and best-selling author on performance nutrition, Vega is made exclusively from natural plant-based whole foods. With just 220 calories and 2g of net carbs per serving (natural flavor), Vega is an excellent choice for those on a calorie-reduced diet. High in fiber, protein and essential fats; Vega is naturally filling and satisfying. Easily digested, alkaline and great-tasting, Vega is clean and green, containing no animal products, dairy, egg, fillers, gluten, soy, sugar, wheat or yeast.

Vega drastically changed my overall health and energy level. Vega provides an easy and tasty way of supplementing my fiber intake; the yummy Vega based smoothies taste like dessert, the berry and chocolate flavored travel size packets literally save my life overseas.

Whether you're a top athlete, a busy professional, a pregnant woman or just a plain orthorexic heath nut; you can benefit from this fantastic product.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Rolls Royce Of The Vegan Cheese World - Tree Nut Cheeses Will Make You Want To Quit Dairy

I know it is so hard to imagine life without the softness and stinkiness of a good piece of aged cheese. Since goat cheese suppose to be "medicinal" I used to find the perfect excuse to live on cheese; I ate cheese for breakfast, lunch, dinner and indulged on it instead of dessert. I guess where I come from, serving and eating insanely expensive stinky cheese equals sophistication, luxury and class; combined that with the nutritional aspect I was surviving on cheese while slowly getting chubby in between my monthly nasty chronic sinus infections.

Giving up cheese and dairy due to my health issues changed/saved my life and became the first step toward veganism. I had major withdrawals for months and years while I moved on to the gummy textured artificial tasting soy based cheeses. Most of these brands (except Sunergia Soyfoods and Sheese) are hard to digest, nasty, don't melt and simply taste horrible. Processed soy is loaded with trypsin inhibitors that prevent proper protein digestion; goitrogen which inhibits thyroid function; phytic acid, a fiber that impairs absorption of minerals; and phytoestrogens which dangerously increase the estrogen hormone.

As a former gourmet cheese lover/expert my life turned around again with Dr Cow entering the market, making the art of making vegan cheese more delicious, flavory and savory. Nut cheeses are pretty easy to make at home, but Dr Cow uses the same process that is used to make traditional dairy-based cheese: they prepare a nut curd using some of their own home-made acidophilus (friendly bacteria) and pink Himalayan salt. The Brooklyn based company only uses 100% raw, organic nuts; their products are dairy free, gluten, casein, soy and lactose free, 100% organic and vegan. Their hemp/cashew hard cheeses and cashew cream cheeses are unimitable and to dye for.

It’s been only a few days that I discovered the second up and coming raw nut milk cheese manufacturer, guaranteed future big dog, Punk Rawk Labs. They literally just shipped their first shipment of gourmet tree nut cheeses to Live Live in NYC a few weeks ago. The goat cheese textured raw vegan macadamia and cashew nut cheeses come in a cool playful tin jar and they are simply delicious, decadent and addictive. The organic cheeses are fermented, handmade and come in 3 different flavors.

Nut milk cheeses are not just the Hermes, Rolls Royce, Dom Perignon White Gold and the Rolex of the vegan world, these gourmet creations are rich in protein, vitamin E, calcium and friendly bacteria.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chia Seed Pudding - Toss your cereal and oatmeal; have dessert for breakfast!

My adorable new age health nut dad used to say when something tastes good, it is most likely bad for you; just accept that healthy stuff suppose to taste and look bland and cardboard like. Well, that was the 70's... 
Still till this day, when I taste something vegan, healthy, delicious and satisfying, I automatically assume the chef is cheating, maybe they secretly mixed something very artificial in, possibly there are hard drugs involved or I'm going to wake up the next day 5 pounds heavier. The whole concept of the delicious and addictive chia seed pudding (even when I'm preparing it), just seams too good to be true.

Chia seeds have been used as a power and endurance food for thousands of years in Mexico and South America. The word “chia” is the Mayan word for strength. Chia seeds were first consumed by the Aztec warriors who were running out of food supplies during war times, apparently just one spoonful of chia seeds kept the warriors satiated and energetic for an entire day. This might be the motivation behind the concept of using chia seeds for weight loss.

Chia seeds help to control blood sugar, reduce sugar cravings and promote hydration. Chia seeds are an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, & copper. In fact, they contain 6 times more calcium, 11 times more phosphorus, and 4.6 times more potassium per 100g of edible portion than milk and have 6 times more iron per 100g of edible portion than spinach, 1.8 times more iron than lentils; to this, add a high protein composition (19-23%). Chia has an amazing ability to absorb water; in under 10 minutes they will absorb 9-12 times their weight in water. Eating these soaked seeds can help you prolong hydration and retain electrolytes, especially during exertion. When the whole seeds are added to water or other liquids they become gelatinous, forming a delightful natural pudding consistency. 

Preparation method of the chia seed pudding is extremely easy. All that you need to do is to combine 4-5 tbsp chia seeds, 2 cups almond or cashew milk, and agave syrup to taste. You can also add more flavor to your pudding by using cinnamon, cacao powder, cardamom or vanilla and sprinkle nuts on it. Let the mixture sit uncovered at room temperature for about 50 minutes, at which point it should be thick, creamy and delicious.  
If you are too lazy to make it yourself, in NYC the Juice Press, in LA Juliano's Planet Raw sells the best, most insane tasting and addictive chia seed pudding.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Best Organic/Vegan Hair Conditioner Under 10 Bucks

I’m the best guinea pig when it comes to hair products; bleached, dyed, highlighted, low lighted, running around in the California dry heat and NYC’s humidity. I like to have the "million dollar" hair, without spending the time blow drying it and going nuts every day. I have triple processed long hair, I'm surprised it's still in one piece after the years of abuse and hopes of trying to create the illusion of looking like a WASP Barbie out of California without looking like an X-rated strarlet out of the Valley... It's not easy to be a blond; if something works for my damaged locks, it will do wonders for you. 

I strongly believe great quality beauty products don't have to be insanely expensive. I don't believe in the hype; I refuse to pay for the packaging, the manufacturer's rent and the owner's luxury car. I love to share my best kept beauty secrets, the Earth Science Olive Avocado Deep Conditioning Masque is one of my staples and definitely the most inexpensive one... I discovered the brand at Whole Foods a few years ago; I think I picked up the travel size for $2 and I never looked back. This inexpensive conditioner ($9) volumizes, moisturizes, detangles and enhances fullness. It's all natural, organic, vegan and simply amazing. Just apply generously to freshly shampooed hair, squeezing out as much water as possible before application. Leave on for 5 minutes or more, then rinse and style.

Earth Science delivers a remarkable line of skin and hair care products formulated to nourish, protect and rejuvenate while preventing the damaging effects of sun, environment and time. Infused with the highest quality ingredients including patented micellized vitamins, kukui nut, avocado oil, triple distilled peppermint, sea kelp, gingko biloba, green tea, bamboo oil, ginseng, papaya enzymes, and a myriad of herbal extracts.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Nature's Best Superfood - Hemp Seeds Will Make You Happy And Your Pet Shiny

I love how some of my friends walk into my kitchen(ette) and give me the laugh, the wink or the dirty look... At first I wasn't sure what was the attitude about; I thought I had a long forgotten mummificated animal product stocked on my shelves or some old risque photos on my fridge... until one of them pointed at a big bag of hemp seeds in the corner. 
Until I got accused being a closet  stoner, I didn't realize even the most educated people don't know about the difference between marijuana and hemp seeds. Hemp does come from the same plant as marijuana, so many people associate it with getting stoned, this is just another common misconception. Products made from hemp (the marijuana plant or Cannabis sativa) hit counterculture markets and health food stores nearly a decade ago to a controversial welcome.

Hemp seed is a highly nutritious source of protein, better tasting and more digestible than the soybean.
Hemp has 3 unique nutritional factors. It has an ideal balance of Omega 3 and 6 for sustainable human health, it has a full amino acid spectrum meaning it provides complete protein, and it has a massive trace mineral content - truly one of nature's superfoods. Consumption of hemp oil and hemp seed is ideal for people with low essential fatty acid intake, and also perfect for athletes. It is of course particularly valuable to the vegetarian/vegan population who are always looking for complete protein sources. Other benefits of hemp seed oil include its effect on the skin and the hair, nourishing both on a cellular level.
Hemp seed is an adequate source of calcium and iron. Whole, toasted hemp seeds are also a good source of phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese. Hemp contains no gluten and therefore would not trigger symptoms of celiac disease. 

I tried all the different brands on the market; the absolute best quality, tasty and moist hemp seeds are by a vegan organic company called HAPPY HEMP. I love the packaging, I love the website and the company specifically promotes their product edible for pets and their owners. When you see the two doggie "co-owners" Oliver and Moka on their website... you'll know you're getting your hemp from the right place.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kitten Vixen - The Best Vegan Lipgloss Straight From London

Maybe I’m missing something, but I never got the obsession with the French so called beauties and the "French style"… I personally don't like Chanel and prefer the clean bohemian effortless look over the tobacco scented avatgarde.                        
British girls…, well that’s a different story. Kate Moss or Sienna Miller are unbeatable when it comes to being effortlessly cool. Also, maybe I’m bias, because I grew up reading “The Face” magazine and Vivienne Westwood signed my paycheck at one point. Somehow those London vixens never try too hard, they are just simply cool with a hint of bohemian and R’N'R’ edge. When it comes to organic/vegan beauty products, no surprise Britain wins over France.

I always thought it was impossible to find a vegan lip gloss with great color and texture. Most of the products I found were too thick or the colors were bright red or too pink, simply "unrealistic". I kept using MAC and YSL lip glosses, while I'm always on the hunt for an organic or vegan alternative.
Kitten Vixen hails straight from London Town. This amazing vegan, natural lip gloss is addictive. The brand currently only offers 3 flattering shades, peach provocateur, ravishing ruby and tickled pink. The moisture-rich formula leaves lips soft and glossy with a stunning hint of color and organic flavoring. Can be worn alone for a natural Kittenish look, or applied on top of Kitten Vixen's lip colors for a more polished finish.                                                                                                               
Buy them all, you will never find a sexier, glossier vegan lip product.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Dandelion Root - Nature's Best For Spring Detox

When I think of dandelions, I have the beautiful dreamy images of the 60's coming to mind, like the pretty eerie photos of Sharon Tate surrounded by huge see through dandelions. Our grandmothers have a very different memory of this herb. Dandelion has a long history of use in traditional European herbal medicine, 50-60 years ago dandelion used to be a kitchen staple, our ancestors were religiously sipping dandelion root tea instead of coconut water.

Fasting and detoxing seem to be a huge trend these days. Even my non health conscious borderline self destructive friends stop eating for days and go on a spring cleanse this time of the year. They look great, feel healthy and get skinny for a few weeks, but as soon as the self punishment is over, they are weak, starving and jump back to their "old ways". Been there, done that. 
I don't believe in fasting or extreme starvation, life is too short or maybe I just love solid foods and my yerba mate tea too much to make my precious life like hell. I believe in eating healthy, cutting out the bad stuff, finding healthy natural substitutions.

This time of the year, as my detoxifying regimen I drink a cup of dandelion root tea once a day for 3 weeks straight. Dandelion root supposed to strengthen the entire body, especially the liver and gallbladder, where it promotes the flow of bile, reduces inflammation of the bile duct, and helps get rid of gall stones. It’s good for chronic hepatitis, it reduces liver swelling and jaundice, and it helps indigestion. Dandelions are also good for the bladder, spleen, pancreas, stomach and intestines. It enriches breast milk in nursing mothers, benefiting both mother and child. It’s recommended for stressed-out, internally sluggish, and sedentary people. Anyone who's a victim of excessive fat, white flour, and concentrated sweeteners could benefit from a daily cup of dandelion tea.  

If you are not allergic to ragweed or daisies, have serious gallbladder or liver disease, dandelion roots will get you ready for an active, healthy, bikini flaunting summer.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Calorie Counting Pasta Lovers- Kelp Noodles will save your a***

Who doesn't love pasta? For me the cheesier and the creamier the better. It's just one of those things, it looks good it tastes good, but you feel like crap after eating it. In my world Italian food equals food coma and love handles. Thanks to my willpower and the fact I like to feel great and energized these days, I probably haven't had traditional wheat and cream based pasta since the 90's... Zucchini pasta is extremely healthy, but because of the texture you can't fool yourself that you are eating the real deal.

If you are a pasta lover, but want to try a guilt free/low calorie vegan option, you will love Sea Tangle Kelp Noodles. Kelp noodles are sea vegetable in the form of an easy to eat raw noodle; made of kelp (a sea vegetable), sodium alginate (sodium salt extracted from a brown seaweed), and water. Kelp noodles are fat-free, gluten-free, and very low in carbohydrates and calories; these noodles look and taste like pasta. Kelp offers fantastic support for those looking to control their weight or blood sugar levels.
I got introduced to this amazing sea vegetable by my favorite raw chef Juliano, at Planet Raw in Santa Monica in LA; my all time favorite raw vegan restaurant, which has the most amazing addictive "Cheesy Kelp Noodle" dish on their menu and the infamous LA meets Burning Man meets New Age scene.

I talk, I write, I schmooze, I educate and coach, unfortunately I don't cook... however even I can make some great dishes out of kelp. I soak the noodles in almond milk for 24 hours, warm them up for 5 minutes. With olive oil, Himalayan salt, dill, hemp seeds and cashew cheese I make my own "poor man's version" of the Cheesy Kelp. You can prepare it with tomato sauce or use it in salads. And the best for the last, an entire bag of these kelp noodles contains only 18 calories (yes, the entire bag!).
Order them from Sea Tangle:

Friday, April 8, 2011

Faux Gras Toasted Walnut Lentil Paté - keeps me from being a "cheating vegan"

Every saint has a past and I'm sorry to break the news, but most preaching health food enthusiast started out on junk. I love to laugh at the "old Medea" and inspire people around me to evolve and change. 
Yes, there were days way back when I was sitting in a white mink coat washing down my chopped chicken liver appetizer with a bottle of vodka at Sammy's Roumanian. I still love romanticizing and joking about the "bad stuff", as much as I love bringing up a particular trip to Paris, where I tried and rated the foie gras with every meal at every restaurant... I know it's horrible, but I  believe in owning your mistakes as they make you who you are today.

I think it's so easy to make the transition and became vegan when you are the pizza-burger-fast food type. 
I wasn't sure I could stay vegan without cheating unless I find a tasty substitute to exotic game, chopped liver and pate. I was eating raw walnut pate for years which has the texture, but it's really hard to get the right flavor. 

The first time I tasted Faux Gras Toasted Walnut Lentil Paté, I couldn't believe it was healthy and vegan. If there is a vegan food Oscar, this product deserves it. It's so decadent, savory and creamy; perfect with crackers or veggies, as a breakfast spread on toast, as a sandwich filling or rolled up in nori rolls. 
The Faux Gras is made with all natural, whole food ingredients like lentils, walnuts and caramelized onions, it's amazing and addictive. Everyone I introduced to this product buys it weekly.
The Faux Gras is available at all the better health food stores in NYC. Now even if you don't live in New York, you can order it online at

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Egyptian Magic: First aid in a jar

These days I don't give a f*** about celebrity endorsements, especially because the people I find cool, exciting and amusing are already dead and the ones are alive rarely attach their names to products. The story was very different back then pre-holistic health days... I own it I only picked up Egyptian Magic at a health food store, because I've heard Madonna was buying it in bulk... I think it was my first (super hesitant) purchase at Whole Foods beauty about 8 years ago.
Maybe it's the name, maybe it's my obsession with Egyptian Mythology, or just the continuous amazing results I experienced... Egyptian Magic is truly a miracle-magical product.

It is an all-in-one miracle formula for all skin types and a multitude of purposes. Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream balances oil production, naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory cream. It doesn't clog pores, adds an amazing glow and hydrates the body, face and the hair. Perfect after shaving lotion, softens hands and feet, super lip and eye gloss, great hot-oil treatment for hair, heals chapped lips, eases irritation from mosquito bites, treats burns, and blemishes, great for eczema, diaper rashes, great prep for use on skin pre-surgery and post-surgery. 
I used it on pets (animal bites and hot spots), my friends use it on their babies, I put it on after extreme sun exposure, or just when my skin or hair feels dry. 
Whoever Lord-Pharaoh ImHotep-AmonRa CEO founder and manufacturer is, he did an amazing job creating this product, keeping the magic happening and the mystery alive.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"The Drink Of The Gods" will help you to quit coffee

Coffee and Cigarettes... even though I quit smoking several years ago just thinking about the image I still want to light up and sip into the magic cup. I still romanticize the taste and the feeling every day... no wonder Jim Jarmusch dedicated a great movie to these 2 substances.
I love coffee, the taste the smell, the tingle... it's my only legal drug that I can get high on after all these years. As much as I love it, recently I decided to cut back from 5 cups to one cup a day. Since I'm not a morning person and I find green tea very acidic, I went on the mission to find the healthiest substitute out there. 

Yerba Mate has the “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate" all in one beverage. 
Yerba Mate was discovered centuries ago in South America and has been revered as the “drink of the gods” and consumed to enhance health, vitality, and longevity. With 24 vitamins and minerals, 15 amino acids, abundant antioxidants and naturally occurring caffeine, yerba mate triumphs as nature’s most balanced stimulant.

Yerba Mate contains caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine, well-known stimulants also found in tea, coffee and chocolate. Unlike coffee, Yerba Mate is not oily and acid forming, so it is less likely to cause stomach acid and jitters.
Of the six commonly used stimulants in the world: yerba mate, coffee, tea, kola nut, cocoa, and guarana; yerba mate is the healthiest, delivering both energy and nutrition.
I never thought I could cut back or would think about putting down coffee... The organic Guayaki brand has amazing flavors like chai, chocolate or raspberry; if you miss your lattes, these natural flavors taste great with almond milk or soy milk added to it.
After getting on the the mate routine your coffee will never taste the same.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Simply Divine Botanicals, the skincare line that truly works

I'm truly obsessed with my skin. I always had flawless great olive toned skin and the matching piercing blue eyes, but of course I always wanted more... Some women want to be rich and skinny... the magic word for me is "young".
I tried everything that promised to make me look like the Coppertone baby or a glowing teenager out of the Palisades or Malibu. Money wasn't a matter, vegan wasn't the only option... From Cream La Mer through Kinerase to Dr Hauschka I tested and used everything, and I religiously passed them on to mom after not seeing the promised miraculous difference after a month.

Then about a year ago I got introduced to Amazing Face by Simply Divine Botanicals by a gorgeous man with better skin and nicer eyes than mine... I've not used anything else since. 
This Vegas based 100% natural line is created by Herbalist Barbara Rogers who uses energy work creating these amazing products. Amazing Face, Pack Your Bags They Are Leaving, Black Velvet, You Can't Zit Here just a few names of the great products sold at the best health food stores and raw restaurants.

I feel like a million bucks without spending a lot of cash on these fantastic products. Well, it's hard not to feel great when the ingredient list starts with Love and Gratitude.

Chlorella The Ultimate Fountain of Youth #1

My favorite miracle supplement, that changed my life forever called Chlorella, a single-celled algae that grows in fresh water. My skin, my glow, my energy level changed almost overnight, I truly believe I found the ultimate fountain of youth. 

Chlorella is thought to boost the immune system and help fight infection. It has been shown to increase the good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, which helps to treat ulcers, colitis, diverticulosis and Crohn's disease. It is also used to treat constipation, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Chlorella has been used to treat cancer and also help protect the body from the effects of cancer radiation treatment.
The algae, which is a popular food supplement in Asia and has been used as energy-producing food for centuries, is often used to prevent or curb the spread of cancer and enhance immunity.
Chlorella is now used as an adjunct supplement during radiation treatment for cancer. Its abundance of chlorophyll is known to protect the body against ultraviolet radiation.
It is a nutrient-dense superfood that contains 60% protein, 18 amino acids and various vitamins and minerals. 
More than 20 vitamins and minerals are found in chlorella, including iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, pro-vitamin A, vitamins C, B1, B2, B2, B5, B6, B12, E and K, biotin, inositol, folic acid, plus vitamins C, E and K.

Now you know my answer when I get the question about the source of my protein :).

Welcome to my blog

I don't know how do you feel about it, but I try to avoid people who give me the guilt trip, judge and preach. 
I'm vegan, sober and loving it, but I'm not here to preach or convert; I know there is a long road from junk food to veganism. Sometimes a small change can make a huge difference when it comes to health.

I love when people ask me "You don't eat meat or drink then what do you do for fun?" or when the most judgemental anti health conscious chicks ask me about my secret about looking young and glowing all the time. Deep down I always wanted to change the big picture and the perception of being vegan and sober. As much as I love the 70's, the new-age hairy lethargic BO scented granola image is so obsolete; it's done.

I'm Medea, it took me over 30 years to find my way, my life purpose, my calling and the journey still goes on. I had an amazing life so far with big highs and bigger lows that I wouldn't trade for anything. 
Whatever your path or truth is, there is an undeniable universal shift is in progress; it's in the news, in our lives and all around us. If we want to live a happy healthy life we have to change our ways, because the old ways are expiring. Eating healthy, nourishing our body and soul can be the first step to make our World a better place.