Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Rolls Royce Of The Vegan Cheese World - Tree Nut Cheeses Will Make You Want To Quit Dairy

I know it is so hard to imagine life without the softness and stinkiness of a good piece of aged cheese. Since goat cheese suppose to be "medicinal" I used to find the perfect excuse to live on cheese; I ate cheese for breakfast, lunch, dinner and indulged on it instead of dessert. I guess where I come from, serving and eating insanely expensive stinky cheese equals sophistication, luxury and class; combined that with the nutritional aspect I was surviving on cheese while slowly getting chubby in between my monthly nasty chronic sinus infections.

Giving up cheese and dairy due to my health issues changed/saved my life and became the first step toward veganism. I had major withdrawals for months and years while I moved on to the gummy textured artificial tasting soy based cheeses. Most of these brands (except Sunergia Soyfoods and Sheese) are hard to digest, nasty, don't melt and simply taste horrible. Processed soy is loaded with trypsin inhibitors that prevent proper protein digestion; goitrogen which inhibits thyroid function; phytic acid, a fiber that impairs absorption of minerals; and phytoestrogens which dangerously increase the estrogen hormone.

As a former gourmet cheese lover/expert my life turned around again with Dr Cow entering the market, making the art of making vegan cheese more delicious, flavory and savory. Nut cheeses are pretty easy to make at home, but Dr Cow uses the same process that is used to make traditional dairy-based cheese: they prepare a nut curd using some of their own home-made acidophilus (friendly bacteria) and pink Himalayan salt. The Brooklyn based company only uses 100% raw, organic nuts; their products are dairy free, gluten, casein, soy and lactose free, 100% organic and vegan. Their hemp/cashew hard cheeses and cashew cream cheeses are unimitable and to dye for.

It’s been only a few days that I discovered the second up and coming raw nut milk cheese manufacturer, guaranteed future big dog, Punk Rawk Labs. They literally just shipped their first shipment of gourmet tree nut cheeses to Live Live in NYC a few weeks ago. The goat cheese textured raw vegan macadamia and cashew nut cheeses come in a cool playful tin jar and they are simply delicious, decadent and addictive. The organic cheeses are fermented, handmade and come in 3 different flavors.

Nut milk cheeses are not just the Hermes, Rolls Royce, Dom Perignon White Gold and the Rolex of the vegan world, these gourmet creations are rich in protein, vitamin E, calcium and friendly bacteria.

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