Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Best Organic/Vegan Hair Conditioner Under 10 Bucks

I’m the best guinea pig when it comes to hair products; bleached, dyed, highlighted, low lighted, running around in the California dry heat and NYC’s humidity. I like to have the "million dollar" hair, without spending the time blow drying it and going nuts every day. I have triple processed long hair, I'm surprised it's still in one piece after the years of abuse and hopes of trying to create the illusion of looking like a WASP Barbie out of California without looking like an X-rated strarlet out of the Valley... It's not easy to be a blond; if something works for my damaged locks, it will do wonders for you. 

I strongly believe great quality beauty products don't have to be insanely expensive. I don't believe in the hype; I refuse to pay for the packaging, the manufacturer's rent and the owner's luxury car. I love to share my best kept beauty secrets, the Earth Science Olive Avocado Deep Conditioning Masque is one of my staples and definitely the most inexpensive one... I discovered the brand at Whole Foods a few years ago; I think I picked up the travel size for $2 and I never looked back. This inexpensive conditioner ($9) volumizes, moisturizes, detangles and enhances fullness. It's all natural, organic, vegan and simply amazing. Just apply generously to freshly shampooed hair, squeezing out as much water as possible before application. Leave on for 5 minutes or more, then rinse and style.

Earth Science delivers a remarkable line of skin and hair care products formulated to nourish, protect and rejuvenate while preventing the damaging effects of sun, environment and time. Infused with the highest quality ingredients including patented micellized vitamins, kukui nut, avocado oil, triple distilled peppermint, sea kelp, gingko biloba, green tea, bamboo oil, ginseng, papaya enzymes, and a myriad of herbal extracts.  


  1. Thanks for sharing! My hair is always heavy and weighted down and pastey at the scalp... is the shampoo very cleansing and does it make your hair feel light or do you use another product?

  2. This is a conditioner not a shampoo. I like the shampoos from the Giovanni organic product line.
    Medea :)